How to Dominate your Real Estate Niche

Choosing a good mix of real estate marketing is key to dominating your specific niche. It's necessary to decide what you will specialize in and master the niche when it comes to marketing. Your mix could include many things from direct mail to social media to blogging to referrals and so much more. Here's a look at what the best real estate agents and investors do when they want to dominate their niche.

Choose a Niche

It would be difficult to dominate a real estate niche without choosing one. Will you specialize in short sales, foreclosures or will it be historic properties? Maybe you want to dominate the luxury niche or you prefer to work exclusively with first-time buyers and sellers. There are several niches to choose, but you need to know where you are headed before you start going in that direction.

Know Your Target Market

Marketing to those in the luxury niche is much different than reaching those going from renting to buying. It's a different target market and you need to have a good grasp on who your target market is and what they do, want and need from you. This will have a direct impact on how you market and what you expect from your overall marketing plan.

Choose Your Marketing Channels

The right marketing channels will make a big difference. If you choose to concentrate on blogging and social media, make sure you choose the type of social media channels you want to target and cater your blog to those channels. You may want to use direct mail or even radio ads, which could be a bit different from online marketing. It's important to choose the marketing channels for your marketing mix and master them.

Use Consistent Branding

No matter the channels you choose, make everything consistent. Use the same logo, same images, same colors, same website and same overall message. An identifiable brand image and logo will go a very long way to attracting quality prospects.

Set Your Budget

You need a marketing budget before you get to the actual marketing. You have to know how much content will cost, how much social media marketing will run and all the other expenses for your overall plan. This will help you to see what your budget will be and what you can really afford. Make sure you can sustain the budget for at least six months or you may not be able to judge the results of your efforts.


As you start marketing, take a look at how each channel is benefiting your business every few weeks. Then, make tweaks to your marketing to optimize the ability to draw in new prospects. You may find one channel is better than another and you may need to adjust your budget to put more into the successful marketing channels over time.

Dominating your niche starts with choosing the niche you want to specialize in. Then, you need to put together the right marketing mix to reach your target audience.