How to Cash in With Seasonal Real Estate Email Campaigns

Just because you're a real estate agent doesn't mean you can’t get into the spirit of the holiday shopping season or take advantage of the warm temperatures when spring rolls around. Seasonal email campaigns provide a very powerful way to connect with your audience at different times of the year. Planning around specific holidays and seasons of the year makes your email campaign more relevant and may just bring you more business. Here are some of the seasonal email campaigns to consider this year.

Summer (Late June to September)

It's not too late to cash in with summer real estate campaigns. This is the time when your audience wants to know about different fairs and festivals in your area, along with weekend get-away options and potential vacations. Summer camps for kids can also be a very popular topic.
During the summer, focus your emails around family vacations, couples get-aways, popular events and things kids can do with their summer off from school. This will help you connect with your audience of potential home buyers and sellers.

Fall (Late September to November)

The fall brings a few huge opportunities for connecting with your real estate audience. This is a popular time for garage sales, so providing tips for a success sale can be a good way to go. In addition, Halloween will be a part of the mix and you can focus on Halloween events, safety tips and so much more. Don't forget, this is prime time to talk about college and professional football, Major League Baseball playoffs and any large fall festivals happening in your area.

Winter (November to March)

Right around Thanksgiving is when you can start taking advantage of the huge holiday season. Provide your audience with tips for decorating and fixing things around the house before the snow and ice arrive. You can even provide tips on how to pack up holiday decorations so they are easier to get out next year. This is a great time to highlight holiday events, ice skating options, skiing options and any other winter activities and events going on in your area.

Spring (April through Late June)

The spring season is one of the best for real estate agents because it's usually when home buyers and sellers start to get very serious. It's also a huge time for gardening, which opens a great opportunity for a real estate email campaign. You can also create a campaign around Easter, March Madness, the start of baseball season, youth sports in the area, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Memorial Day and so much more going on in the area.

The key to any successful real estate email campaign is to take the focus off of what you want and give your audience what they want. This will allow you to create a better connection and your emails will get read far more often.