How to Create More Engagement on Your Real Estate Blog

Your blog is a very necessary tool for bring visitors to your real estate website. The right mixtures of quality content and good images can really help to attract attention. Blog posts can be used both on social media and as a way to boost your search engine ranking.

When you find a way to engage your audience and create participation from those reading your blog, the content becomes even more powerful. Here are some of the best ways to create better engagement on your real estate blog.

Ask a Question

If you want to get people to comment and participate in a discussion, ask a question. Ending each blog post with a question and a call-to-action telling them to leave a comment can be a very powerful way to start the discussion.

Offer Contests

Contests held on a weekly or monthly basis can help to ensure people will share your posts on social media, leave comments and start the discussion. You can give away a gift card to help get the conversation going. Maybe a visitor has to share the post on Facebook or Twitter or maybe you will offer an entry for any real comment left of more than 50 words answering a specific questions.

Add a Top Commenters' List to Your Blog

People love recognition and if they see they can get on the Top Commenters list, they may start leaving more comments on your blog. You can even use this as part of your contest and offer a prize for the top commenter every month.

Make it Easy

If commenting on your blog or sharing it to social media is difficult, people won't do it. You need to make it super simple and allow people to leave anonymous comments. If you're worries about spam, just add a CAPCHA to the form and you will eliminate most of the spam.

It's also important to make it easy to share your posts on social media channels. Put share buttons in the most obvious places and make it an easy process.

Allow for Personal Profiles

Most blogging platforms will allow your audience to create a simple profile and personalize it. This will help to add a social element to your site and visitors can have a unique persona for their profile. Make sure your blog platform allows this and use the profiles feature to personalize the comments and engagement.
These tips will help you to create a more engaging blog with real discussions. When you engage your audience and invite them to participate, you'll reap the benefits of better search ranking, more social media shares and more active subscribers.


If this is too much to manage on your blog, then try these strategies on your social media pages where you are posting clips from your blog. This can work on Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.