Top Tips for Real Estate Agents Using Twitter

Social media is vital to the success of any real estate agent these days. Whether it's just used to share blog posts or you become super active, you must leverage social media for new leads. There are many sites to choose from and Twitter is one of the best options. Here are a few tips to help real estate agents use Twitter to market their business.

Make it Custom

You don't want to be like everybody else and you really do need to stand out. Make your Twitter profile custom by adding a logo, your image and even changing the background. This will make a big difference when it comes to building your list of followers on Twitter.

Always Keep the User in Mind

You want to share things that your followers will love. It can be pretty tempting to try to stuff keywords into your tweets or always use a real estate hashtag. While this is fine, you should also be a real person on Twitter and share things your audience may be interested in that aren't just a promotion.

Keep it Local

You're a real estate agent serving a local area and that's your main market. Sure, you might be able to grab the attention of people relocating from another location, but they will search your location, anyway.
It's best to network locally on Twitter and build your following to include as many local people as possible. This will help ensure your audience understand and cares about what you share when you share news and other things from your local city.

Automate Things

You're very busy as a real estate agent and you don't have time to tweet things all day long. Plus, you probably have Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ to manage, as well. With one of the applications allowing you to create scheduled tweets, you can automate your tweets easily.
You should certainly automate the sharing of your blog posts on Twitter and some of your tweets. You can also automate retweets and a few other features to make it easier for you to manage your profile properly.

Twitter is a very powerful marketing tool for real estate agents. It's one of the top social media platforms and when used correctly, and can drive traffic to your website and generate new leads.