We've moved... to MITitle.com!

Like Tim explained in this month's previous blog posts, domain names play an essential role in the real estate industry. Digital companies in a digital world need not only good, but great, domain names. We began feeling the pain of our previous domain almost immediately after opening our doors to business.

"Okay, it's Michigan.. Investment.. Title.. with two T's."

"All spelled out"

"No, there are no dashes."

"Then dot com"

It was quite a mouthful over the phone, and some clients received message send failures as a result. Our team knew a change was in order.

Today, we are excited to announce our acquisition of MITitle.com!


What better way to celebrate a shiny new domain than putting it to use? As of 6:00 PM EDT on June 23rd, all company email addresses have been transitioned to [at] MITitle.com. You can reach everyone at their new addresses using the conversion below:


Mail addressed to the old domain will automatically forward to the new one. However, we recommend our clients update their contact books to avoid confusion moving forward.

The Main St Blog

Savvy readers may have noticed our blog switch to mititle.net in January. Good eye! Expect to find our weekly articles at blog.mititle.com soon. Again, links saved in browser bookmarks or posted to social media will forward automatically.


We are also working on a brand new, mobile-friendly website. Stay tuned!