Checklist for Launching Your Real Estate Website

Launching a new website for any type of business can be a daunting task. When it's time to go live with your real estate website, you want to make sure you're ready. If your systems are not all in place or your design isn't correct, it could hurt your marketing efforts.

Before you go live with any websites, you need to check a few things. Here's a quick checklist you can use anytime you launch a new real estate website.

Browser Compatibility

You don't want to alienate an entire segment of your target market because your website doesn't work well on all browsers. This is one of the most commonly missed things when launching a website. Make sure your website works on all of the different browsers including:

  • Internet Explorer 6 and up
  • Firefox 3
  • Safari 3
  • Opera
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Google Chrome

Check the latest versions of all of these browsers, but don't forget about older versions some people may still be using.


Your real estate website needs to be mobile-friendly and have a responsive design. Make sure you check this before you launch. Don't just trust that you've chosen a responsive design and your site will work fine on all mobile devices. Test it on smartphones, tablets and different platforms before you go live.

Metadata and Title

You need the right metadata and title if you want to gain search engine ranking. Make sure this has not only been filled in correctly, but it's actually customized for each and every page. If you simply copy and paste from one page to another it will confuse the search engines.


While a typo in a blog post isn't the end of the world, a mistake on one of your landing pages may cost you clients. Proofread everything on your main pages and all the content going up on your new real estate website multiple times. If possible, get multiple people to look it over and make sure it reads smoothly without error.

Go through all of your website pages and click on each link. Make sure they all work. If a link doesn't work, it needs to be fixed before you launch.

Make Sure Lead Gathering Works

If you have sign up forms, free guide downloads, or anything asking a visitor to input information, you need to test it. Make sure it works from submitting the information to receiving follow-up emails. Going through your own system for lead generation will help you to ensure it will work properly for those visiting your website.


Set up your analytics before you launch. There are several good choices and they are usually pretty easy to integrate into our website. Make sure you do this before you launch or you may miss out on important data.


Your search engine optimization starts before you launch your website. You want to make sure the SEO of your website design, content and everything else has been done correctly. If it's incorrect, you may not gain the visibility you desire.

Use this checklist to ensure your website is ready for your launch date. It's worth it to push back your launch if the site isn't ready.