The Top 3 Myths About Generating Real Estate Leads Online

Generating leads is one of the most important parts of any real estate business. You have to find ways to continue to replenish the supply of buyers and sellers using your services.

It may seem like the best way to generate real estate leads online is through great visibility on Google and other search engines. After all, if someone is moving to Auburn Hills, one of the first things they will likely do is search "Auburn Hills Real Estate." However, it's not just about visibility. Below are a few of the top myths about generating real estate leads online.

Myth #1: You Can't Get to the Top of the Search Results

While it's not easy to get to the top of the search results for common keywords, it's also not impossible. If you put in the time and effort, you can gain visibility through great search engine optimization. The first step is to understand your target market, as you may not be able to get listed high for "Auburn Hills Real Estate" but you may be able to climb the rankings for less general keyword phrases.

It's not a quick or easy process to get to the top of the search results. However, it can be done with quality content, good website structure, and an online marketing strategy. Make sure you promote your blog content through social media sites, email marketing and other types of online PR.

Myth #2: Visitors Care Most about Who You Are

While they may care who you are, most often, they care more about the information, tools, and resources you provide. They want to find what they searched for in the search engine, not just a profile about you.

Instead of making your website focus about you, make it about what those looking to buy or sell need. Add resourceful content and make everything easy for the visitor to navigate. Not only will this provide better information for your visitors, but it will also boost your overall SEO.

Myth #3: Lead Management isn’t as Important as Lead Generation

While gaining more leads is a good thing, if you don't manage your leads properly, you may be wasting time and money. For example, if you have 500 new leads and you only convert 20 of them; your conversion rate is just 0.04. This isn't good enough to support your real estate business. Usually, low conversion rates mean you don't have a very good lead management system. Using a conversion funnel for each lead can help you convert more leads making it easier to support your business.

Generating real estate leads online is an ongoing process. Make sure you have a marketing strategy in place, along with a lead management system to increase both your lead generation and your conversion rates.