Why Your Real Estate Website Needs Community Pages

Creating a resource for those entering your local real estate market as buyers or sellers is the entire point of a real estate website. If your site is simply a collection of MLS listings, it's not going to attract a ton of attention from buyers or sellers.

Your website has the ability to attract both home buyers and sellers, if it's a useful resource. Part of turning your site into a resource comes from the community pages you provide. These pages need to contain more than just homes for sale.

Do Visitors Even Care About Community Info?

Many real estate agents wonder if their website visitors care about the community info they provide. Don't home buyers just want to see listings?

Home buyers landing on your website do want to see listings, but they also want key information about the community. The school district, amenities, commute, home styles, and other community information is important to the home search. Some buyers want to live in a specific school district, while others want a short commute to their place of employment. When your real estate website provides useful information, it saves your visitors time. They don't have to do their own research to find out which neighborhood they want to live in or how close it is to their job.

How do Visitors Use a Real Estate Website?

Understanding how the typical visitor will use your website will help show why community pages are so important.

Visitors will find you through organic or paid search results and will usually land on your homepage. From the home page, they will look for featured properties or they will look for a specific community. At this point, they may fill out a form to contact you or leave your site.

The key is to keep them on your site long enough to convert them into a lead. This is done by providing compelling information, which is where the community pages come in.
Benefits of Community Pages for Real Estate Websites

With high-quality community pages, you will gain many benefits including:

  • Visitors will stay on your website longer
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Better overall Search Engine Optimization
  • Ability to gain traffic from community pages

Community pages can be used to better market specific areas through paid search results. They can also become traffic generators through organic search.

If you don't have high-quality community pages on your real estate website, this should be a high priority. With strong information about each community you serve, you'll gain many benefits including more leads. Make sure you're community pages include more than just listings by adding information about the schools, amenities, nearby attractions and more.