Father’s Day 2017 For Real Estate Pros

Father’s Day is coming up fast. How can real estate professionals make the most of it?

This year Father’s Day lands on June 18th. It’s an important date, which gives real estate brokers, investors, and other industry professionals great opportunities to make a difference out there. Here are some ideas to start working on…

Quality Time

There is nothing more valuable than time. Independent professionals and entrepreneurs should absolutely book the day off to spend with family. It may also be a good time to give staff a long weekend so that they can enjoy more quality time with their families and get away camping, or to soak in more sunshine.

Father’s Day Gifts

Being a father is a big responsibility. One that most kids don’t appreciate until decades later. So, don’t forget those gifts! Even small gestures from cards to ties and restaurant gift cards can make a big impression. These are gifts real estate pros can give to prospective clients, past clients, current clients, vendors, staff, friends, and family members. If you really want to go all out then how about a weekend away at the beach, or even giving the gift of real estate? That could be an investment property, new home, or even an upgrade to a better assisted living facility.

Open Houses

Real estate salespeople often through themed open houses for Easter, Christmas, and even Mother’s Day. Why should Father’s Day be any different? Host a special open house evening to pamper the dads, or even throw a themed property tour of handyman specials and homes with sweet workshop, office, and man cave spaces.


Father’s play a crucial role in our environment, as does homeownership, and real estate investment. Using this time to educate and empower more fathers to become homeowners and successful investors can make a huge difference in the lives of millions. Why not host some special education workshops to support them over the next couple of months?


Instead of just leverage this special day to promote yourself and your business, use it to help fathers take it to the next level, and in turn help their families. In addition to education, this could be seasonal discounts. A couple hundred dollars off insurance, lender fees, and other real estate related costs could really add value.