Mother’s Day 2017 For MI Real Estate Pros

How can Michigan real estate pros make a difference this Mother’s Day?

May 14th is coming up quickly. Along with it are great opportunities for real estate businesses and professionals to stand out, show their love to moms, and make a difference.

Mother’s Day Cards and Gifts

Simple Mother’s Day gifts and cards are an affordable and effective way to show your appreciation to all the mothers in your life and business. Grandmothers, sisters and daughters who are mothers, prospective clients, current and past clients, and key contacts at industry vendors.

Office Events

Why not host an event at your real estate office? Honor and treat local mothers. Provide education on buying, selling, and investing in MI real estate, serve up a great lunch, and maybe even hand out some giveaways.

Open Houses

If you have houses to sell, host a Mother’s Day themed open house. Create some buzz in the local media, and offer something special to all the mothers that come out that day. Perhaps you can team up with other local businesses who can sponsor your event to add more value. Or if you don’t sell homes, maybe you can sponsor an open house for someone who does. Give visiting moms flowers, chocolates, spa days, and more.

Special Mother’s Day Real Estate Deals

Mother’s work hard and have a ton of responsibilities. Why not help make it easier for local mothers to buy and invest in real estate? Maybe that can be done by offering a special mortgage deal, a break on home inspections or appraisals, a small rebate on your real estate commissions, or help with moving?

Together we can show our appreciation to local mothers, and empower them to do even more for their families this year. Share your Mother’s Day ideas on our Facebook page!