Spring Cleaning Smarts For Real Estate Pros

Smart spring moves to launch real estate pros into their best year ever…

Spring is here. Along with it comes one of the most important moments of the year for real estate professionals. We are fast approaching peak season for buying and selling homes. Being mentally and operationally prepared to perform at peak potential now will make all the difference in hitting those goals this year, and the ability to do even more next year.

So, what smart moves can be made this spring to elevate results in the months ahead?

At the Office

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the house. How efficiently your office space works, and how empowering it is makes just as much of a difference. That’s true whether you have a home office, expansive retail space, or work on the go from your laptop. Take some time this season to clear out the old, and make way for more new. Ditch the clutter, bring in the spring colors, and feel the difference. Even if your office is limited to a laptop you can do this with your screensaver, files, and programs.

At Home

Many of our best ideas and inspiration comes when we aren’t actively on the job. Giving the home a spring clean too can really help with those “Eureka!” ideas. Plus, we all know that one of the most important factors for top performance is sleep. If your home isn’t nurturing good and restful sleep and excitement about waking up for the day, then it’s time to make some changes.

Home Staging

Home real estate agents and investors this is a critical time to reposition properties for sale. Spruce up that curb appeal and brighten interiors so those homes pop. Make sure to get plenty of photos and video too.

Real Estate Marketing

A lot of real estate pros are being weighed down by cold old marketing plans and marketing pieces. Spring clean your branding and marketing and commit to taking things to the next level this year.

The Mind

All of the above are external things, which can also help us perform better mentally. It’s also important to give ourselves a mental and physical break so that we can spring forward into the great opportunities ahead. Even if you feel a little old for heading to Miami or Cancun for Spring Break, there are plenty of great getaways to choose from. Try Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, Southwest Florida, heading off to a cabin in the mountains, or something else completely new. Relax, recharge, and bounce forward.