Reputation Is Everything In Real Estate

Reputation is everything in the MI real estate business.

Few understand just how incredibly important reputation is in the property industry. There can be a lot of temptation to take short cuts or to focus on the wrong metrics. Yet, values aside, doing so can ultimately be obscenely expensive. Maintaining and developing a good reputation is an investment. One which can be priceless, and pays long-term dividends. A good reputation makes the difference in gaining trust and clients, referrals, being able to work with the best service providers, longevity of career, the legacy you leave, and even the future of the industry. This applies to MI real estate investors, agents, title companies, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, and more. Just look at the current distrust of real estate professionals and massive attempts being made to replace agents and banks, and the results of casting values and reputation aside are very evident. So, how can MI real estate professionals build and maintain better reputations for themselves, and the industry?


You’ve got to be authentic and true to yourself. Every individual and business has its own unique personality. Regardless of what you say, people will see what you do, and they’ll tell if you are acting in sync with what you say. Be true to yourself, your values, your uniqueness. But strive to be the best you can.

Apply It Everywhere

Carrying on from the above; this is something to be applied across the board, outside of the office and with other professionals, just as you would when dealing with prospective clients in the office. If how you act in the gym or dealing with other companies is ugly, people will notice that. It doesn’t take long for the word to spread.


Branding and reputation are inseparably intertwined. If you are setting out to create and let the world know about you, you do it with your branding. The quality of your branding materials, the words it uses, and what shows up on your social media are all critical parts of this.

Managing Your Reputation

Today it often isn’t enough to just do the right thing, and do good business. You have to be proactive about elevating, spreading, protecting, and maintaining your reputation in real estate. Unscrupulous competitors will take swipes at you when they feel threatened. They may spread bogus online reviews or file complaints. Who you hire, refer business to, and advertise with can also make a big difference. Smart MI real estate professionals and brands will have a plan to be proactive about these things all the time.


Reputation is of massive importance in real estate. It requires an investment to build and maintain a good name. It’s easy and free to lose it. Everyone makes mistakes, but people and companies do change. It’s not too late for many to turn around and make a positive impact on the industry and their own name. It may make all the difference when the latest sales software or virtual assistant debuts.