Real Estate Marketing: The Social Media Networks To Use Now

Social media continues to be a key part of real estate marketing. Yet, the platforms which are working best, and how they should be leveraged are changing. How can real estate marketers make the most of this type of digital content now?


The recent Snapchat IPO may have had nothing to do with the platform’s performance, yet with so much riding on its success we can expect more effort be made to increase users. Some real estate agents are already using this social network to conduct live open houses, and create more urgency in their marketing messages.


LinkedIn is back and kicking. After just being bought for $26.8B by Microsoft we should also anticipate LinkedIn becoming more visible and integrated in regular business. There may be some hassle as Microsoft integrates the social network into its holdings, as with Skype, but it has recently gotten a makeover and appears to be performing better than ever for marketing. Use it to publish great content, drive traffic to your blog, and to connect with potential marketing partners.


Instagram has quickly replaced Pinterest as a hyper-popular image sharing social network. It can be used for raising visibility with pictures and video, and promoting on-site content, as well as running ads with direct calls to action.


Video is becoming far more important. YouTube remains the top video sharing platform, and has a large audience to be tapped into. Augment your videos with great, keyword rich content and links, and you can boost your SEO and website traffic. You may use in-video ads to leverage YouTube’s masses of users, without having to create videos. Or set up playlists and feed them onto your own real estate blog. Just note that those looking to create secure content or to charge for membership sites and course may need to move to Vimeo for its upgraded options.


Social media is still as relevant and important as it has been. It makes a powerful way to boost lead generation, blogging ROI, and website effectiveness. However, the most popular platforms, and the best ways to leverage them are constantly evolving. Make sure you are on top of these trends.