Real Estate Marketing: Make The Most Of Easter 2017

Easter is a fabulous time to make a big impact with your real estate marketing. How will you make the most of it this year?

Easter is a great launch pad for making the most of all the increased opportunities in the peak late spring and summer season home buying season. Real estate professionals, investors, and individual home sellers can all use this moment to gain extra visibility, recapitalize, and build relationships while setting themselves up for ripe moments in the months to come. Absolutely take some time out during the holidays to remember what is most important, and spend quality time with those you love. Just don’t overlook the big difference that excelling at marketing during this time can make for the rest of your year, and beyond.

Consider these ways to expand your real estate marketing, and have fun doing it…

Content Marketing

Easter themed content can be a great way to enhance your real estate marketing results. Use relevant content, keywords, and hashtags to provide informative and entertaining real estate blogs, emails, newsletters, and social media posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Easter Themed Events

Have fun and do some live real estate marketing with a variety of events. Sponsor local Easter events, host your own open houses with Easter egg hunts, or throw a block party and meet more of your neighbors.

Easter Gift Baskets for All

Share the love and build your connections and relationships with Easter themed gifts. That could be fabulous gift baskets, candy, or even just thoughtful Easter cards. Give them to family, friends, neighbors, past coworkers, business partners, team members, vendors, prospective clients and past clients.

Get Ahead of the Curve

This can be a very fun and rewarding holiday. Those that get the best out of it are those that get an early head start. Don’t wait until Easter weekend to whip something together at the last minute. The savviest real estate marketers are already brainstorming, collaborating, commissioning new Easter marketing pieces to be created, and are readying them to go out weeks in advance. Don’t miss this chance…