Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Real Estate Pros 2017

Looking for the best 2017 Valentine’s Day gifts for the real estate professionals in your life? Check out these ideas…


Technology is playing a huge role in real estate today. Equip those you care about with some great new devices to help them look and perform their best. For the Google fans, check out the new Pixel phone which has the best mobile phone camera created to date. For the Apple fanatics, check out a range of lenses which can be attached to the iPhone for even better photography and video. One of these is the ExoLens telephoto lens available in the Apple Store. Drones are still a great move for aiding with photos and videos too.


Real estate leads are the lifeblood of every pro’s business and career. You can’t have too many real estate leads. Maybe there is a software tool, lead list, or introduction your favorite Realtor, investor, mortgage broker, or title company rep has been longing for. Hook them up.


Even better than lead lists and tools is a referral. It’s the best way to show your confidence in them. You’ve got to know someone who is buying, selling, renting, or investing in real estate. Take the time to get their info and pass it on.


Sadly, real estate professionals often have a very thankless job. They work tirelessly to please and help others. When someone else messes something up they get the blame. When it goes well, customers often still aren’t as grateful as they could be. Some are. Yet, few take a moment to think about the value of having a real estate pro that sticks to their values and ethics and works hard. That’s something worth supporting. That’s something worth sending a thank you for, even if you’ve just been watching from the sidelines.


Most real estate pros fail to take full advantage of their time and space freedom. Help them experience the full potential they’ve been earning by booking a trip away. The Dominican Republic, Southwest Florida, a cottage on a northern Michigan beach, or a trip to Hershey’s Chocolate World are all excellent choices this year.


Real estate professionals work really hard on their social media. As you already know, too often the best and most meaningful posts go unloved, while those funny cat videos continue to go viral. One of the best Valentine’s Day gifts you can give this year is to stop by their pages and share some love by liking posts and commenting on their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ pages. It won’t even cost you anything.

What will you give this Valentine’s Day?