Real Estate Pros: 5 Ways To Set Yourself Up For Success In 2017

2017 is shaping up to be an incredible year for Michigan real estate. How can industry professionals make the most of it?

All factors appear to be lining up for a strong year for Michigan real estate. It looks as though property values will keep heading up, buying will be more appealing and accessible to a wider array of buyers thanks to more lending, and there could more development and new rules which help elevate the market and make it more rewarding and easier to invest. We all want to capitalize on these opportunities and see even better results over the next year. What are some of the things real estate agents, business owners, investors, mortgage brokers, insurance agents and others in the industry can do to make sure they get to make that a reality?

1. Set Goals

Don’t just make vague new year’s resolutions. Set specific goals. Make sure you revisit them and super-size them for the new year ahead. Think big. You might be surprised at what you can accomplish.

2. Create an Action Plan

Don’t just have static goals either. Goals aren’t just going to achieve themselves. Where most find the gap arises is that they don’t have a detailed and viable action plan to get from where they are to those goals. So, map out a path and plan that will deliver the results you crave.

3. Be Ready to Make Big Leaps

Change and big results happen when you are prepared to make big leaps. You’ve got to do things dramatically different, if you want to get to a dramatically different level. For some that might mean jumping all-in to a real estate career or investing in Michigan real estate this year. For others it will be delegating and outsourcing in a big way to free up time to work on the biggest tasks. Find your leap and make it.

4. Title

The real estate landscape might look great, but there are still a lot of title issues out there. Don’t let your potential be sabotaged by properties with flawed titles. Don’t sabotage your success by selling properties with bad titles. Make sure clients and you get clean title and title insurance to make sure those opportunities and assets are secure.

5. Partners

Partners are so important and instrumental in getting to the next level. Business partners can help you gain leverage and catapult forward. Accountability partners can help pull you up and keep you on track to your goals. Often, especially in real estate, it’s not what you know, but who you know, and who knows you. Who will you partner up with this year?

Can’t wait to see what we, and you achieve in the next 12 months!