6 MI Real Estate Professionals Who Can Help Fuel Your 2017 Goals

We’re about to enter a new year, with the opportunity to go even bigger with your goals. Here are six Michigan real estate pros you want in your corner to help you reach, and surpass those aspirations fast…

Title Rep

Local MI title company reps can be invaluable in reaching your goals. A good relationship with your title rep can help get your transactions fast tracked, lead to generate more referrals and real estate leads, and more.


If you do enough real estate transactions this year you’ll eventually want the help of an attorney. In addition to being there to support you in your property deals, you’ll want legal help for estate planning, asset protection, creating wills, etc.


Tax time isn’t too far away. Remember that it isn’t just the top line that you make which is important. Your bottom line and what you keep after taxes can be even more important. A great tax preparer, tax specialist, and CPA who is efficient at filing your taxes and coming up with a year round plan can be a powerful ally that makes all the difference in your bottom line.

Home Stager

The data continues to suggest that staging homes really can make a difference in how fast your properties sell, and how much you are offered for them. If you aren’t passionate or talented in this area of design, then look for someone who is.


MI real estate agents can offer a lot more value than they are sometimes given credit for. Get to know all the services they can offer, interview them, and pick the best to help you analyze your options, make offers, rent, and sell.

Mortgage Contact

Mortgage and finance professionals can be helpful in many ways, even if you plan to make your purchases with cash. Your end buyers may need financing, you may wish to access your equity one day, or you may find them a powerful referral partner.

Who will you have on your team this year?