6 Collaborative Real Estate Marketing Ideas For This Fall

How can MI real estate professionals and businesses make their marketing budgets go further, while generating bigger results this fall?

This is a great season for harvesting great results, greater visibility, and more real estate leads, while lining up more closings for the end of the year. Of course, making the most of the opportunity requires getting the most out of your real estate marketing budget. That doesn’t mean skimping and being cheap, but being efficient. One fantastic way to do this is to collaborate with other MI real estate professionals and businesses. Borrow, share resources, team up, and collaborate. MI real estate agents, mortgage lenders, title insurance companies, law firms, builders, and others can all work together for their mutual benefit.

Here are six ideas for doing this in the weeks ahead…

1. Email Marketing Campaigns

Consider trading messages to each other’s lists, referring each other to your databases, and even bundling discounts to make buying homes, refinancing, and selling more profitable for clients.

2. Direct Mail

Direct mail makes collaborating easy. Split the space on a postcard, letter, or newsletter, and reach more leads for less.

3. Events

Both online and offline events can be fun and powerful ways to build your business and pipeline. There are webinars, live Twitter Q&As, property tours, open houses, office openings, Small Business Saturday sales, and more. Collaborate and split up providing the venue, food, invitations, etc.

4. Social Media Campaigns

Many of the same collaboration strategies that work for email marketing can be applied to social media too. It’s also prudent to be sure all of your business partners, vendors, staff, and referral agents are all supporting your social pages and campaigns, and vice versa. Why spend money on getting strangers to like your posts when you haven’t tapped your free resources yet?

5. Print & Outdoor

Flyers, magazine spreads, and signs can all offer collaborative opportunities. There can be great savings in splitting signage and print ad space. In some cases one of your business partners may have a warmer opening to close leads from signs, or more time to handle incoming leads.

6. Lead Magnets

Many real estate marketers are busy trying to create lead magnets to build their lists, trusts, and relationships. This may include ebooks, whitepapers, newsletters, video courses, and more. This can be expensive and time consuming. Why not collaborate on a magnet asset which you can share and use on multiple sites?

How will you collaborate and win with your real estate marketing this fall?