7 Ways To Expand Your Professional Network

How can you build your professional real estate network in the next few months and create more relationships and deal channels?

While what you know, and how good you are at your part of the business is very important, you may never get the opportunity to help others with that unless you connect with them. Real estate has always been, and will be a people business. And that means your success heavily relies on the new people you meet every day.

Here’s seven ways to meet new industry pros and grow your real estate network faster…

1. Meetup

Meetup.com has become an incredible tool for all types of networking. Check it out, find local real estate related groups, join them, and even create your own.

2. Chamber of Commerce

Become a member of the Chamber of Commerce and attend their gatherings. You’ll find a whole new group of business people eagerly looking to serve each other and trade leads.

3. Volunteer

If you are going to be out investing your time, really make it count for good. Volunteer for local charitable events, sponsor them, and get involved. This is a great team building activity if you have one. It is also a way to make sure you are meeting the right professionals who have a heart for donating their time and supporting good causes too.

4. Schedule a New Lunch or Dinner Every Week

Networking events are great for meeting new people in volume. But they often don’t mean high volumes of quality connections. At least not at first. Block out time on your calendar to lunch or dine with a new professional each week. Build solid relationships and alliances.

5. Instagram

Mobile has been responsible for the bulk of Apple, Facebook and Google’s growth and increasing revenues and share prices recently. Instagram is now one of the hottest social media platforms. Use it.

6. Stop By Real Estate Offices

Just stop by and introduce yourself. This way you’ll also get to see them in action, and meet the whole crew at one time. This can be real estate brokerages, mortgage lenders, and title companies.

7. Host Your Own Events

There’s lots of room to be creative here, Host dedicated real estate networking events. Invite professionals to your holiday parties, host a charity fundraiser, or host or sponsor a lavish open house.