Choosing Your Title Company Partner for New Agents & Investors

What should new Michigan real estate agents and investors know about choosing a title company for their deals?

There is so much to learn, put into play, and master when getting into real estate. It can be really confusing. There is so much that demands your attention. Yet, choosing a title insurance company to work and partner with is one of the most critical choices. Know that everything comes together at the title company. It’s the hub that brings together all parties, the money, and facilitates the actual closing. Your choice here will mean all the difference in turning leads into closings and prospects into paychecks, as well as ensuring your ongoing success. So what matters when selecting a MI title insurance company?

Just like you and your peers, not all title companies are created equal. They vary in financial stability, vision, dedication to detail, how they prioritize service, and their ability to deliver.

1. Choose a Company that will Keep You out of Trouble

The biggest challenge today often isn’t scaling business, but making sure you stay out of trouble so that you can keep working. There are companies that will offer you kickbacks, which will load you up on drinks at happy hour, and those that promise ridiculously low fees. They won’t all deliver on what matters most. Ask how they do things right.

2. Answer Questions

As a new Michigan real estate agent or investor you are going to have a ton of questions, and so are your clients. You absolutely must have a title company who is happy to answer unlimited questions, answer the same questions again, explain it until you get it, and give you good answers that guide you to success.

3. Makes You Look Great

You should be demanding a title company partner that goes the extra mile to make you look great to your clients.

4. Delivers on the Essentials

You still need a vendor who delivers on the basics, and does it well. That means strong title searches, efficient closings, excellent coordination, and effective and accurate handling of escrowed funds and documents after closing. Look for how they are making an effort to stay ahead on knowledge and new regulations.

5. Grow Your Business

The best MI title insurance choices will be partners that actually work with you and collaborate to help you grow your business. Ask how they can help you accomplish that.

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