The Back To School Rush & Your Real Estate Closings

Back to School madness will be here before we know it. Experienced real estate pros know this is a critical season that can make a big difference in their business for the next 12 months. So what are some of the smart moves to make now?

Early summer sees a huge run up in home buying and selling activity. The shopper are out, and deals are being negotiated. Yet, it can be the end of summer when it all comes together and everyone is in a rush to close before school starts again. Some are both selling and buying homes. That means there is a lot going on at mortgage lenders, appraisers, inspectors, and title insurance companies. Make sure to give yourself a little extra cushion in your real estate closing date so that you aren’t caught short or stressed out.

When things get busy things can get overlooked and rushed. Both home buyers and sellers, as well as real estate companies need to keep their eyes on what is important. That includes monitoring for fraud. Criminals love when everyone is too busy to pay attention. Watch your wire account numbers, emails, and other due diligence to stay safe.

Buyers and their agents need to take extra care when it comes to school districts. MI Realtors may be limited in what they can tell clients about school zones, but buyers should verify before they sign contracts.

Look out for Back to School sales and tax free shopping. This isn’t just good for parents with kids in school, but potentially also for finding deals on office supplies, clothes and more. Take all the deals you can get.

Whether selling a home or in the business this is also a great time to share the love and participate in local backpack drives to help others in the community. Look for ways to support our kids in their education. It’s the best way to create a brighter future.

Lastly understand professionals and buyers and sellers will be insanely busy during these weeks. That can create stress if proper expectations about lines of communication. Layout these expectations for updates and timelines in advance to keep things running smoothly.