Could Brexit Bring A New Michigan Real Estate Boom?

The big Brexit event could fuel a whole new real estate surge in Michigan.

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union dubbed the ‘Brexit’ has created big waves around the globe. Many aren’t too happy about the choice, and especially its financial ramifications. But whether we agree with it or not it could be good news for many…

The Brexit vote has not only taken over the headlines, but has caused significant global financial chaos as well. The news sent stocks plunging. Many saw their losses so far in 2016 only compounded with big sell offs and the devaluing of their shares in the days after the referendum. On a personal level that has many individuals fearing they won’t be able to afford to retire on time. Their assets are way down, and their passive income potential is as well. For those approaching retirement in the next few years this is an urgent issue. For younger investors it is a big wake up call to finding a more reliable path to investing and retirement planning, at least for the bulk of their portfolios.

For many that makes real estate the most obvious choice of investment. Recent surveys show that individuals overwhelmingly still vote real estate as the best long term investment. It can deliver consistent cash flow, good returns, keeps up with inflation, offers tax breaks, protects wealth with concrete security, and offers growth for nest eggs as well.

Many wealthy international investors who have already been investing in property in the UK, France, and Canada may also see this as the time to relocate or shift much of their portfolios to markets with more value, more stable economies, and with better cash flow and growth opportunities. Michigan definitely checks all those boxes.

The US real estate market has been experiencing a great recovery, but the Brexit could provide the real jet fuel for a new boom phase…